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The best way to become familiar with a region is to taste the wines
which grew on its soil and are filled with its sunshine.

(Ernst Jünger, German writer and philosopher, 1895-1998)

Menu of wines and other beverages (PDF)

We offer our fine choice of bottled wines also  by the glass in order to make it easier for you to make up your mind to try one.

We believe that a wine menu has to fascinate and enthrall the guest - that is why we forgot about a price calculation for the otherwise "expensive" wines which is usual in wine restaurants. We only charge a corkage fee on the shop price for consumption in the restaurant. So the decision on a "good bottle of wine" is much more fun!


A wine shop inside the restaurant

We have integrated a wine shop into our restaurant, so you can buy the wine for your home directly in the restaurant - at producer prices, of course, that means you only pay the price you will be charged at the winery!

Wine tastings

From our well-assorted wine cellar we offer interesting wine tastings with the products of the top wineries of the region. All tastings include expert guidance, mineral water and bread.

Tasting with 3 wines „First Impression“  -  Young Franconia
You will try three well-selected wines and learn the basics about Franconia, its wines and its types of grapes.
Price € 9,50 per person (total price for less than 6 persons: € 57,00)

Tasting with 6 wines „Classic“  -  quality and predicated wines
You learn more about wine production and other trivia.
Price € 14,50 per person (for less tha 10 persons: total price € 145,00)

Tasting with 7 wines „Gourmet“  -  Secco, quality and predicated wines
Price € 17,00 per person (for less tha 10 persons: total price € 170,00)
Franconian winegrowers' snack with assorted cold cuts, cheese, ham, pickles, dark bread and butter.
Price € 8,00 per person

Tasting of 8 wines „Insider knowledge“
We take you on a virtual tour through Franconia and try not only the quality and predicated wines, but also the first class wines of the best wineries in our region.
Price € 25,00 per person (for less tha 10 persons: total price € 250,00)

The wine tastings take approx. 1 – 3 hours

You can also compile an individual tasting according to your wishes:
•  "Duels" of grape types, e.g. Silvaners of different quality ranges
•  Harmony of wine and food (Which is the best wine for each type of food)
•  Culinary tastings:  multi-course meal with the suitable wines
•  Wines with fruity-noble sweetness
•  The great ones - premium wines
•  and much, much more …

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