Culinary delights

“Like a flower brightens our eye, a lovely thought our mind,
a good meal brings the divine into our life."


Do you remember? When was that lovely evening which stays on your mind and makes you smile when you think of the wonderful meal you enjoyed in the company of your loved ones?

In the course of our life we become perfect coordinators. Everything is entered into a schedule: work, entertainment for the children, doctor's appointments and even the house and garden chores. When a 14- or 16-hour-day finally comes to an end we sink on the sofa in front of the TV, completely washed out.

But let's be honest: is it really possible to regenerate like this and fill up on the much-needed energy for the next day? Maybe for a short time but then we get restless, because body and mind are craving new impressions. Give your couch a break and chase away the stress factors with culinary delights.

Escape the daily grind and enjoy a "divine" meal in our traditional restaurant Spundloch with its 300 years of experience. Our chef will create a wonderful meal for you, the cozy atmosphere of our house will embrace you and you will enjoy a perfect evening. Our menu provides the best meal for each taste and for even the most delicate palate.

If this has made you mouth water and you crave a couple of hours of pure relaxation, pick up the phone and book a table under +49-931-900840. or online.


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