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If you are a friend of cultural experiences, we will compile a tour of our sights worth seeing. Or do you need a physical power program to relax? Then there will be no boredom for you, because there are sports and leisure activities galore to be experienced by you!

Here you find a few examples for unforgettable days in Veitshöchheim and the Würzburg region.

tl_files/uploads/Bilder/Logo_Wuerzburger_Land.gif The Würzburg region offers a wide range of possibilities for your holiday. Extensive stretches of untouched nature helps you find the peace and quiet you need to relax, time and room for hiking tours, sports, games and hobbies.
tl_files/uploads/Bilder/ortspatron_veitshoechheim.jpg Veitshöchheim - location,  history, village plan, etc.....

Showpiece among the sites in Veitshöchheim is the Roccoco Garden, which was built by the Prince Bishops in the 18th century and which still today is among the most beautiful gardens in Europe. You can also visit the Synagogue and the Museum of Jewish Culture. Leaflet: "Veitshöchheim Sehenswert" (pdf)

The Castle and Gardens of Veitshöchheim

The Summer Castle was built from 1680 - 1682 by the Würzburg Prince Bishops and was annexed by Balthasar Neumann in 1753. From 1806-1814 the Ferdinand, the Grand Duke of Tuscany lived here during the summer months, who resided at Würzburg during this time.


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